Boost Your Store's Success with Our Game-Changing Software!

Attention all cannabis store vendors! Are you ready to attract new customers? Increase sales and simplify your discount process? Look no further! Our cutting-edge software for vendors offers two incredible features designed to revolutionize your business. 

Firstly, establish a digital confirmation with a distributor or account manager, which wil allow you to accept QR code discounts hassle-free. The best part? It's absolutely free for vendors! Simply sign up for a free account on, provide your bank or PayPal acount details, and start scanning! Once scanned, the discounted amount will be automatically transferred from the account manager's virtual wallet to your own bank or PayPal account. It's effortless, seamless, and costs you nothing!

By accepting these digital discounts, you'll not only attract new customers but also generate additional product sales at your store. This powerful tool will enhance your sales, while providing an exceptional customer experience.

But wait, there's more! Our software also allows you to send out your own QR code discounts to customers via text or email. This feature, available for a low subscription price, gives you full control over your promotions. There are no limits on the number of QR codes you can send out, allowing you to tailor your offerings to different customer segments and boost sales.

When a customer scans your QR code, it becomes void. To ensure seamless redemption, your store clerks can easily scan the code, voiding it instantly. It's a simple and efficient process that puts you in control of your promotions.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to revolutionize your store's success. Join our software platform today and unlock unlimited potential for growth, customer acquisition, and profitability!

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