Discover the Future of Marketing with 420 Campaign

Attention all distributors and account managers in the cannabis industry! We are excited to introduce you to 420 Campaign, the ultimate software that empowers you to revolutionize your marketing campaigns. 

Imagine being able to send customized QR codes directly to your customers via text message or email, providing them with exclusive discounts on specific products at designated stores, for a specific duration. With 420 Campaign, this becomes a reality!

Here's how it works: Each QR code is backed dollar for dollar by you, the distributor. Once the vendor scans the QR code, the discount amount is effortlessly transferred from your virtual wallet directly into the vendor's bank account. The best part? There are absolutely no costs or fees imposed on the vendor. It's a seamless process that ensures a seamless partnership.

Confirming a marketing campaign with a vendor is extremely easy. A simple text message is sent through the software with a pin number attached that only the vendor knows is all it takes to establish the connection within our software. Once confirmed, you can start distributing QR codes in any quantity and for any desired amount, allowing you full control over your marketing strategy.

To maintain exclusivity, each QR code is meant for one specific location and can only be scanned once, ensuring the vendor not only gains a new customer but that the vendor is rewarded for their partnership with you, the distributor. You can unleash your creativity and send out as many digital discounts as you desire, tailoring your offerings to specific target audiences.

Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity to maximize your marketing potential and boost sales like never before. Join 420 Campaign today and unlock the ultimate possibilities that await you!

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