Level Up Your Distribution Game with Our Revolutionary Software!

Calling all cannabis distributors & manufacturers! Are you ready to take your marketing efforts to new heights? Introducing our groundbreaking software that will transform the way you connect with vendors and promote your products.

With our innovative solution, you can easily send out QR codes as exclusive product discounts to your valued customers. Here's the best part: There are no limits on the number of QR codes you can send out, and there are no fees for each coupon distributed. Say goodbye to traditional marketing expenses like free lighters, or t-shirts, which don't work in gaining new customers, and worst of all, it waste money!

Setting up a relationship with vendors has never been easier or more beneficial. For an industry low subscription fee, as well as a nominal $5 fee per vendor, you can seamlessly connect your secure virtual wallet to the vendors' bank account or PayPal account. This automated process ensures a hassle-free experience and allows you to focus on what you do best-distribute top-notch products!

Here's where it gets even better: If a QR code expires, the funds are automatically transferred from your Pending Account back to your virtual wallet. This means zero wasted money, giving you the most efficient and cost effective marketing budget possible.

No more manual processes or tedious tasks. Once the relationship with a vendor is established, our software takes care of the rest, automating the entire workflow. You can effortlessly manage your campaigns, track performance, and reuse funds from expired QR codes towards another customer. It's a win-win situation for everyone involve!

Get ready to optimize your marketing strategy and maximize your return on investment. Join our software platform today and discover the future of distributor-vendor relationships. Say hello to efficiency, cost effectiveness, and unparalleled growth!

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