About Us

About Us

420 Campaign, a subsidiary of Anthro Software, is a cutting-edge marketing software solution specifically designed for the cannabis industry. Our innovative platform revolutionizes the way businesses promote and sell their products. With 420 Campaign, we introduce a unique approach to in-store discounts using QR codes, delivering an unrivaled customer experience.

Our software enables businesses to effortlessly distribute QR codes as in-store discounts to their customers. What sets us apart is that these discounts are backed dollar for dollar by the distributor. When customers scan the QR code and make a purchase, the discounted amount is automatically transferred to the vendor's bank account or PayPal account, without any charges or fees to the vendor. 

At 420 Campaign, we prioritize security, ensuring a safe environment for all transactions. Our software adheres to strict industry standards, providing a reliable and trustworthy platform for businesses in the cannabis industry.

One of the biggest advantages to our digital discount system, 420 Campaign offers the ability to distribute discounted samples for store clerks to try new products. This innovative approach eliminates the need to create legal samples, as mandated by state regulations. By simplifying the sampling process, we make it more efficient and cost effective for manufacturers to introduce new products to customers and store clerks to the market.

Join 420 Campaign today and experience the power of our secure, efficient, and industry tailored software, enabling your business to reach new heights in marketing, sales, and customer management.

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