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Our streamlined, effective, and secure platform guarantees higher revenue generation compared to any other marketing strategy.

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At the core of our software lies your ROI: Leveraging digital discounts, we offer the most effective means to acquire and retain customers. Additionally, our platform enables dispensary employees to experience your products, eliminating the cumbersome process of creating legal samples.

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Free dispensary accounts redeem 100% of the discount

By upgrading dispensary accounts today, you can effortlessly send digital coupons to new and loyal patients and customers. Enjoy the benefits of free dispensary accounts, where every digital coupon redeemed at their shop will be directly deposited into your bank account.

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Customize and allocate your marketing funds as per your needs and objectives

With 420 Campaign, you have complete control to market your product whenever, wherever, and with any budget you desire. Empower your marketing efforts and achieve your goals on your terms.

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